€ 199,95


With this feature, your old-school looking bike, will turn even more heads. In a time where shockingly bicycles don’t come with something like this anymore, we are bringing this back! You are welcome!
Equipped with the waterproof Supernova V521S front light, it will brighten up your adventures with a high performance LE, a Terraflux 3 lens and a timeless design.
For the rear, we have chosen the Supernova E3 tail light 2. It’s twin beam technology offers an extremely bright power beam towards the back, as well as wide side beams with an angle of 250°
It’s one of the brightest tail lights approved for road use in Germany and is also 100 % waterproof. The Lil’Buddy already comes with a mount for the tail light.





The light set is not mounted with the bike. Every set comes with a manual that explains how to assemble the light set.

Please check what light preparation you have, as there are different ones regarding the plugs. If you have a white connector this is Version 1 and if you have a black connector this is Version 2.

If you have no preparation, you would need to send us an eMail in order to get the light set with a complete cable as the first Lil’Buddies did not have any preparation.