€ 169,95

he Lil’Buddy front rack is not only practical, but aligns perfect in the appearance of the Lil’Buddy!
No matter if you want to go shopping, transport your schoolbag or quickly fetch a crate of beer, the front rack is designed to give you a lot of transportation space but still small enough to not disturb the maneuverability.
With a cargo load of 10kg the front rack is a practical addition to your Lil’Buddy. Included in the content is the front rack with four screws and nuts for the assembly and a light mount.

Please note:
All frames with the identification B2 in the serialnumber, for example „RN21B2XXXXEU“, can be easily equipped with the front rack. If you have an older serialnumber which does not contain the B2 in the serialnumber you can still equip your Lil’Buddy with a front rack, but then you would either have to drill holes in your fork or order a replacement fork. In our manuals section we have a drill template to assure you to have the holes at the exact position (this modification is at your own risk).
You can find the assembly manual and drill template [here].